Brainwavz Delta Review

Brainwavz Delta Review

Sleek and shiny, these in-ear monitors provide a great bang for your buck.


The Brainwavz Delta are the best budget earbuds/IEMs I’ve ever encountered. At $19.50 without a mic or $22.50 with a mic and audio controls, these IEMs provide great sound quality and construction at an amazing price.

In the box

I ordered the silver version with iPhone music controls/mic. When the IEMs arrived, they came in a relatively flimsy semi-translucent plastic box. Inside the box was the earbuds, 3 different sized pairs of silicone ear tips, 1 pair of Comply brand memory foam ear tips, a clip to secure the buds to your shirt or jacket, and a durable, yet bulky, carrying case.

Sound quality and ear tips

After trying all the different ear tips, I found that the memory foam tips provided the best noise isolation and kept the buds from falling out. Warning, however – the memory foam picks up earwax easily. When I first tried listening to the Deltas – woah. I immediately noticed details in my music that I had never heard before. I’m still finding things I never noticed before. I found that the Deltas have a surprising amount of bass. Who knew that things so tiny could make such a deep thump? While I’m not an audiophile, I can say that the IEMs have clear vocals and sound, and sound great with many types of music.

Audio controls are worth it

I’m glad that I got the version with the audio controls, because it’s very easy for me to change the volume and play/pause. The play/pause button even has little bumps so I can find it without looking. The mic quality isn’t great, but I don’t use it at all, so I don’t mind.


In terms of construction, the Deltas are amazing. They have an all-metal construction, making them quite shiny. They make a very satisfying click when one bud hits the other. The wires are tough and won’t snap easily. One thing I have noticed is that the wire maintains the shape of the way I wrap it, which can be slightly annoying, but it’s a very minor flaw.

The case

The case provided with the Deltas provides a great way of holding the IEMs and extra tips, but it’s a bit too bulky for my taste. It does not fit in my pocket comfortably, instead forcing me to keep it in my backpack. On the plus side, it has space to hold 2 flash drives as well, and since I carry my earbuds most everywhere, I always have a flash drive handy. The case has a nice metal Brainwavz logo on the front and a rubberized zipper.

Final Thoughts

I was blown away by the Brainwavz Delta when I first got them, and I still am. I consider them one of my best purchases ever made, and I love to listen for those small details I can’t necessarily hear with other headphones. If you need a budget pair of earbuds, these are the ones for you. You can buy the Brainwavz Delta here: Brainwavz Delta IEMs.

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